Blindspace Boxes for Blinds

Finally there is a pre-made solution that allows you to conceal the bulky window blind assembly and preserve the clean minimal lines in modern homes and offices! Use our Blindspace Boxes at windows, doors, and skylights of all sizes with your shades. Your Shade, Our Box.

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Enclosure for your Blackout Blinds

No light enters when you use Blindspace Side Boxes with the standard Head Box. There are no annoying light gaps between the wall and blind. Bottom Hembar box also avaialable.

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House multiple Roller Shades

Install multiple shades for different degrees of shading by using dual roller blinds. In this installation the Blindsapce Boxes are flush to the ceiling in front of the window. Works with Lutron Electric Shades and other brands.

Enclosure for your Skylight Blinds

Blindspace boxes can be used to elegantly conceal the shade edges, head assembly, and electrical components for all sizes of skylights big and small. Works with multiple brands of motorized skylight blinds.

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Fully enclosed Blinds for Doors

Blindspace boxes can be used to perfectly shade any glass door. Position the boxes in the ceiling away from the door so that the blinds clear any door handles.

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Custom Made

Made precisely to the width you need. 

Our Custom boxes can be made any width or height that you desire.

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Finish Options

Field paint to blend in seamlessly with your ceiling and walls. The box cover can also be fitted with stainless steel or wood.

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Box Options

Multiple flange options, corner options, and accessories such as side boxes and hembar boxes. Get just what you need.